The third teaser trailer for Broken Frame Production's first feature film Som en Vårmånad (A Month in Spring) - it's basically an updated version of the first teaser, so it follows the same pattern as Teaser A (also available on Vimeo). When the first teaser was made, we had only shot for four days, so here we have some additional footage.
The film is still being shot as of the moment of this upload.

Written, directed and edited by Daniel Johansson
Cinematography, costuming and make-up by Sofie Borg
Production assistants: William Fjärvik Krieg & Jesper Wikner
Driver: Lars Nilsson
Producers: Sofie Borg & Daniel Johansson

Lars Nilsson (Old Tom)
Katarina Jäder (Lilly)
Per Hardestam (Samuel)
William Fjärvik Krieg (Bill - not in teaser)
Daniel Johansson (Dennis)
Jesper Wikner (Rob)
Sebastian Borg (Young Tom - not in teaser)

Copyright (c) Daniel Johansson, Broken Frame Productions 2012
Co-produced by Film i Värmland

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