These are some grading tests processed in my "freeish" DI system from CinemaDNG (tm) frames shot the in KineRAW-S35 (tm) sample camera I am doing some calibrations with. The KineRAW-S35 (tm) also shoots Cineform (tm) I sent the Cineform (tm) to (sm) you can email them for the link to download those *.mov clips and to get the needed 3D-LUT for use in the Cineform (tm) codec tool.

My uncompressed "freeish" DI system supports various cameras through various frame types, and supports 6K+ resolutions, its on my web site now for "beta-testing". My videos here are some examples of my processing uncompressed DNG frames from the KineRAW-S8p (tm) and KineRAW-S35 (tm) sample cameras to help calibrate my free de-Bayer program to their cameras, as well as making improvements that would be a help with other camera's DNG frames as well.

If you would like to see some uncompressed BMP frames used to make these test videos you can email me at: tempnulbox [at] yahoo [dot] com with "Vimeo user wants uncompressed frames" ans say which video in particular you would like to see the original quality frames from by the letter and number code, i.e. A2, B1, C1, D1, E1, F1, G1 etc.

You should look at the original uncompressed frames before making any serious judgement about the camera's or my software's image quality since these Vimeo videos are re-compressed from MPEG4v2 versions of the edited uncompressed frames so suffer double compression losses etc.

Do not re-size the videos or frames as doing so can introduce all kinds of aliasing and degradation from the viewer or player resizing the images. Use the test pattern after the head title to adjust your monitor, if you cannot see the highlight and shadow detail in the test pattern use another computer with a better monitor for viewing.

In the case of this video, the camera original 2048x1080 frames were letter boxed into 1920x1080 to show here because Vimeo supports HD resolution.

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