This is my term 2 film on my masters at London Film School. The film must be based in some way on a painting at the National Gallery, London. I had chosen Peter Paul Reubens painting Samson and Delilah (1609-10) because of the classical composition and dramatic colour palette. Students are given only 200 feet of 16mm stock (5 mins.) and 12 hours to shoot the whole film. There are seven students to a group and you have seven days to shoot all seven films.

This film follows Samuel Jeffries a civil servant who has angered certain government officials with his radical polices to help the common man in his community. The week leading up to Sam running for public office he is set up for killing his girlfriend.

Samosn- Nikos Poursanidis
Jake- Adam Lewis
Delilah-Charlotte Baker
Guard Feral- Arun Runglall

Dop- Daniel Michalos
Camera Operator-Antigone Davaki
1ST AC- Adam Stunkle
Gaffer- Peter Lee
Composer Matthew Walker

Producer- Zeena Zakaria
Production Designer- Michael Stilinoyu
Set Builder- Willie Nash
Costume-Anastasia Georgakopoulos
Make Up Artist- Francesca Ioppolo
Intial Folley Sound- Chris Light

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