"MUY MACHO" tells the tale of a put upon, alcoholic gardener named Gustavo Jimenez who finds out he comes from a long line of Luchador masked superheroes in Yuma, Arizona.

Once he ingests a homemade serum, accompanied with copious amounts of alcohol, Gustavo becomes a nine foot tall Luchador masked wall of rippling Mexican crime fighting muscle.

With his abrasive grandmother Juanita at his side and armed with misc. landscaping tools, he is sent on a collision course with a flamenco suit wearing, flamethrower toting foe - CALIENTE, who is determined to watch Arizona burn.

MUY MACHO stars Alexis Cruz (STARGATE), Julia Vera (BLOW, THE X-FILES, & the upcoming AZTEC WARRIOR), & George Ortuzar.

Music by Mando Lopez (The Breeders, FEAR), Andrea Bulletti (King Cotton), & Martin Aguilera.

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