It takes about 9 minutes to set up one balloon with two people.

Things to prepare before going out: The foam base to support the balloon was set up to attached onto the pole, the tethered lines on the weather balloons were set up to attached to the pole with clamp#A, clamp#B.

Tools needed: One screw driver, clamp#1, clamp#2 and one reuseable cable tie is needed for assembly:

A. step by step breakdown is as following: a. inflate the balloon to almost full b. fold the electronics and place it through the balloon's neck and opening c.connect the base plate to the pole while the electronics is sitting inside the balloon on the balloon's opening d. inflates the balloon again with air blower until the balloon is fully inflated, avoid pointing the air blower nozzle directly at the electronics e. make sure the electronics is sitting close to the balloon's opening f. wrap the ballon's neck around the pole, use elastic band and tight it onto the pole to seal the balloon
e. tighten this seal by using clamp#1, use a screw driver for tightening f. slide the foam base to the bottom of the balloon g. hold the foam base in place by using clamp#2, use a screw driver for tightening h. adjust the tethered lines by changing the position of the clamp#A, clamp#B i. use a reusable zip tie to fasten the 18 AWG, 12V cables to the pole j.connect the 12V cables to the battery +, - terminals.

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