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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The Covenant & The Contradiction

Guest/Topic: "Brother Farmer" - Discussed extensive research into food, food growth, serious problems with the mainstream food supply, and why growing your own is the best option.

Here's a page Brother Farmer prepared for us, and maintains: sites.google.com/site/plants4444/

Some Questions & Comments From the Broadcast:

--I started a garden this year using the black plastic and it seams to me additional water is needed here. also what is the best way to prep the soil organicly for next season?

--Can you go into more depth on the differences between reading PDF online and reading paper?, and why it is so?

--2Timothy 3:16/17 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work

--Can you comment on 2012 and if you foresee a major catastrophe, or apocolypse This year?

--Does brother farmer drink coffee? can he comment on why so many people are dependent on it? Does he have any feelings on sugar consumption?

--I recieved the hemispheric generator gift. Can you tell me if I build it - what would be a good use for it?

Further Discussion:

Living Off-Grid, and why so many people are pursuing it.

Discussions of caffeine and sugar. Rat studies and human studies. Most people tested, when fed superfoods, voluntarily left their SMOKING habits when on superfoods for 4-5 weeks!

Additionally, rat studies showed rats fed poor diets, resorted to alcohol, and when switched to superfoods, left it behind, preferring the healthy superfood diet!

GMO foods shown horribly detrimental in studies, with multiplied harm to 2nd and 3rd generations.

References & Links:

Brother Farmer's page contains many references: sites.google.com/site/plants4444/

The Covenant and the Contradiction

Greetings to all Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Get informed and involved in REAL World Improvement! Help change our world for the better!

Last week's teaching wrapped up the previous weeks, so Sir T will start new with this week's topic: The Covenant and the Contradiction.

We will be welcoming a fantastic guest to tonight's program speaking about little known information and techniques for restoring our depleted soils and growing healthier plants. "Brother Farmer" has compiled some extensive info on what's going on with our soils and food supply. He'll enlighten us to what can be done to change it for the better... and do it without poisons and in sustainable ways.

Is it possible to grow lush gardens in cold climates with poor soil and virtually no resources? A few spiritually led folks did so in Scotland no less!

Have you ever heard of biodynamics, or permaculture? Is there a connection between the health of the soil and your own immune system? Ever heard of a ripe orange that contained no vitamin C? How about 100 pounds of potatoes grown in an area four feet square?

Find out on tonight' s show!

Also, we have a short video about people who've left the rat-race to go live off-grid. These folks are in many ways trailblazers, putting into practice becoming virtually self reliant, independent, and free.

This week's broadcast will no doubt be a real education! If you can't join us live, please check out the archive!

If you're interested in checking out some of the tech on tonight's show for yourself, remember it and JT's ebook is available on the WITTS Gifts Page. All donations benefit a very important cause - World Improvement and WITTS Ministries.

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