6/29/2012 (Friday) interview hosted by Thomas w/ libertarianprogressive.com - w/ Heath Beasley - a qualified on the ballot Independent candidate running for a US Senate seat for Hawaii - 2012.

1) Intro - motivation to run for Senator
Learning from history
2) Issues - 10:05
Internet Privacy
Values & principles
Civil Liberties
3) Health Care - 18:20
4) Other Issues - 26:55
R & D
Insurance companies
Military Spending & strategy
Foreign Policy
5) More Issues - 42:30
Electing a new Senate with new Senators
Favorite Past Politicians
Role of government
Freedom of religion & separation of church and state
Website Design - hands on approach - own campaign manager
civilized society
how we treat the poor, sickly & elderly
6) history from a story from the Book of Daniel regarding laws - 1:14:00
7) Closing thoughts - getting involved



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