The NAMM show is always great to watch musicians in action, only with electronic musical instruments it seems that hardly anything is done live and performing degraded to switching on and off tracks since a while. This not only bores the listener but also the performer doing the same routine for four days.
On NAMM 2009 Ben Crosland and Marc Schlaile tried a different approach and constructed songs from ground up jamming.
Using two Access Virus TI Polar synths each of the performers had his own secret weapon using his own sounds and ideas. One Mac was running Logic where Marc Schlaile recorded to sequences he played in real time so elements could stack up and form a song. Also his machine was running Stylus RMX (with custom and third party drum libraries) to provide the drum loops.
Ben Crosland didn't record sequences but jammed on top only tempo syncing his synthesizer to the arrangement.
No additional FX were used, no additional mastering took place. The audio track is the video mic track, so don't expect a crystal clear sound. This video is a short excerpt of a 30 minute jam.

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