Our first Indian wedding :)

We had the great pleasure to capture Trupa and Krish’s wedding celebration–all 3 days of it! Their celebration was so full of tradition, family, and amazing food. Thursday was a backyard barbeque with homemade vegetarian cuisine and henna artist. Friday was the Garba – another evening of yummy food, traditional dancing, and great company.

Trupa and Krish’s wedding day was a full Gujarati wedding–beginning with the baraat outside the Belleveue Hyatt Regency, followed by a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony, and lunch. That evening was an exciting reception with best Indian buffet we’ve ever had, great music, and the most exuberant dancing I’ve seen in a loooong time. It wrapped up with the vidai, a short ceremony where the family says their goodbyes and the newlyweds drive away over a coconut (representing removing the obstacles in their lives and freeing the sweetness of the coconut) and into their new lives together.

So much to tell! So much to show!

So we made our way through 300 gigabytes of footage. We found the perfect song (thanks to SongFreedom) and put this together for you to enjoy!

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