This video was created in order to promote the use of Creative Commons on the volunteer computing based rendering service ( and in any other relevant context.

The video was a production of Studio Lumikuu (

Script & Production: Julius Tuomisto
Graphics & Modeling: Jani Lintunen
Animation & Rendering: Mats Holmberg
Compositing & Editing: Hannu Hoffrén

Big Buck Bunny (c) 2008 Blender Foundation
Big Buck Bunny soundtrack (c) 2008 Jan Morgenstern (this remix track with voice over released CC-BY under permission from composer)

Released under CC-BY. Any edits should include additional credit as follows:

BBB Loves CC (c) 2012 & Studio Lumikuu

Disclaimer: No lawyers with any kind of sense of humour were hurt during the making of this movie. :)

Captions made by CC Korea Youth Volunteers.

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