The Halo carries on the original Simmer legacy, to build sails which can handle the heaviest conditions in the world. This is what defines Simmer. The Halo has its roots in classic Simmer designs wave sail designs such as the Wavecomp, Reef, X-Flex and Mission X but we have taken what we have learnt from the Blacktip and translated that knowledge into the traditional sideshore wave sail. The objective with the Halo is to give the rider confidence to go for anything anywhere knowing that the sail can handle it and enable him/her the fingertip handle to maneuver on the wave. We have spared no expenses on the materials with all x-ply paneling and the super bullet proof PVC window. The Halo is designed with a five batten panel layout from 5.6 to 4.7 and a four batten batten layout from 4.5 to 3.7, this gives you the lightweight handling and manuevrability and maximum in larger as well as smaller sail sizes. The Halo sums up more than 30 years of sailmaking experience.

-Video credits-
Riders: Kai Katchadourian, Ben Proffitt, Klaas Voget, Francisco Porcella, Rudy Castorina
Videography: Peter Anjou, Calle Nyberg
Edit: Kurosh Kiani
Music: J. Sigsworth / Nothing to Doubt

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