This is a short excerpt from florian meyer's video 'igreja positivista' shot in rio de janeiro in 2009 with the kind support of the local positivist community. (
It is a historic site which is surprisingly unknown among the younger folks but nevertheless not to be missed when you visit rio!

The music was kindly provided by Olga Neuwirth and G. Ricordi & Co. München

from the ZKM catalogue 'Medium Religion':

Auguste Comte (1798–1857) was a French mathematician and philosopher. The positivist philosophy he founded was marked by a quasi-religious faith in scientific discovery and progress. Comte's motto "Love as principle, order as foundation, progress as goal" still exists in a shortened form "Order and Progress" on the Brazilian flag today. The video work Igreja Positivista documents the interior of a temple of the positivist church in Rio de Janeiro, which was founded on Comte's teachings. In it, the abandoned church building comes across like a mausoleum for the project of an "atheistic Catholicism," whose core consists of love, compassion and respect for human achievements.

Florian Meyer, Igreja Positivista, 2009
video (colour, sound)
16:30 min., loop
music: Olga Neuwirth, HOOLOOMOOLOO
Klangforum Wien, Kairos 0012242KAI
© by G. Ricordi & Co. München, Sy.3342
Courtesy Florian Meyer

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