Every winter Buenos Aires streets are flooded with Brasilian tourists. Like in every other country they try to embrace native culture and behave like if they were born and raise within in a week. This spot shows how they struggle to understand some of the ridiculously funny Argentinian ways. Like for example this strange beverage called Mate.
Well, hope this brief explanation help you tourists to understand a little bit more of argentinian animation.


Agency: Ponce

Director: Tomi Dieguez
Executive Producer: Pato Verdi Bursati
Line Producer: Malú Rodríguez
Art Direction: Franco Vecchi
AD: Facundo Duke Viggiano
Storyboard: Claudio Iriarte
Designer: Rodier Kidmann
Backgrounds: Franco Vecchi
Character design: Franco Vecchi , Tomi Dieguez
Character animation: Leo Campasso, Germán Merlo
Set up render 3D: Ezequiel Matteo
Modelling 3D: Ezequiel Matteo , Carmen Angelillo
Compositing: Facundo Duke Viggiano, Ezequiel Matteo
Music: Animal Music

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