I have an equation for you (clearing throat) what do you get when you have skateboarders, plus art, times booze, divide it by someone getting busted for under-age drinking, plus good music? come up with an anthing? here i'll solve it for you six year seniors. you get an amazing show at the think tank gallery presenting a group show of 24 artist. shout out to the security for kill buzzing the under age drinkers, they were on it.

neetoh cruised downtown la to show support for one of our advocates shplinton and boy did we strike gold. gazing at work from local artist bryan peterson and gregory siff. familiar work from ben horten and jimbo phillips blew our mind. canadian artist ben hensen really caught a lot art goers eyes too. the list of artist goes on and everyones work didnt go unnoticed, especially the skating.

sounds of empty heineken bottles crashing in the can were over whelmed by cheers of metal grinding against the wooded half pipe. a stunning piece hangs above while skaters take turn shredding the half pipe.

all in all it was an amazing show! please feel free to visit neetoh.com for pictures and inspiration....cheers!

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