Disclaimer: This song was made by Dan Bull. I am not Dan Bull. Since the video got taken down from Youtube on unjust grounds, I put it up merely to show support, and help Dan Bull enlighten and entertain people, as has always been his goal.

When Hip Hop veteran Lord Finesse decided to sue fellow rapper Mac Miller because Miller released a free song that used the same beat that Finesse used (which was itself based on a sample from jazz musician Oscar Peterson), rapper Dan Bull put together a song, using the same beat, but as commentary/parody of this legal fight. The song highlights how hip-hop has a long history of building on the works of others, and does a nice job laying out the history with Oscar Peterson's sample being used first. And... this morning Dan Bull logged into his YouTube account to discover that Finesse's lawyers had issued a takedown on his song.
This is that video. This is our way to show that we support Mac Miller and Dan Bull, and that we do not agree with Lord Finesse's missuse of copyright law and censorship.

[Read more at Techdirt's article: techdirt.com/articles/20120713/14013119695/lord-finesses-lawyers-now-using-copyright-to-stifle-dan-bulls-criticism-his-lawsuit-against-mac-miller.shtml#comments ]

[Download the song for free, upload it and show your support: mediafire.com/?9mk963tjenqxccj ]

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