There are places that seem to be just built to spread uncanny stories about them. This is one of those
places. Here no one really knows where reality stops and fiction begins.

Some people tried to study this unusual phenomena around this place. Strange sightings, radiowaves
abnormalities, unusual life forms and space-time distortions.

Local authorities always denied any of this facts. Local media broadcasted continuously information data
about these illusions, these collective hallucinations, as they named it.
They attributed these illusions to something they called the Spectrum Optical Disorder

Directed and Animated by Dulce Gonçalves and Rodrigo Carvalho
Narrator voice :: Rafael Gonçalves
Music :: Nuno Archer

*this video is made for 3dstereo glasses.
you should use them following the narrator instructions in order to feel the "SPECTRUM OPTICAL DISORDER". if you don´t have the glasses,no worries, you can still see the video and enjoy the landscape.

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