Crossing Values
iInteractive installation, 2008
Samuel Bianchini

As part of an externalized research contract between Orange Labs and the CiTu (Federation of laboratories initiated by Paris 1 and Paris 8 Universities) for the Rennes Contemporary Art Biennale Crossing Values.

A dark room is lit by more than 2000 monochrome counters. These small three-figure digital visual display units are regularly spaced to form a large display tableau covering one of the exhibition area’s walls. Reacting to the presence of visitors, this wall of figures records their activity by displaying in real time the distances which separate the counters from the body opposite them. Following the movements in the room, the counters vary and whirr into action, creating the digital imprint of the onlookers’ gestures, with each small portion of the body taken into account by a counter thanks to an innovative video capture system.
At the risk of toppling over into the modeling he plays with, Samuel Bianchini here radicalizes one of his essential research areas: the consideration of the distances and their variations between the devices and the spectators with whom he thus shares his realizations.
Created for “Crossing Values” (The Rennes contemporary art Biennale 2008), this installation, of the same name, re-questions the very notion of “values” at a time when quantitative evaluations are being called for in every area, like the symptom of the progressive and harbingered advent of highly controlled societies indexed on monetary flows.

CiTu engineering and coordination : Paul Girard with the help of Safwan Chendeb
Orange Labs coordination: Emmanuel Mahé
Computer programming : Adrien Mazaud (CiTu)
Based on research work by Olivier Bernier and Jean-Emmanuel Viallet (Orange Labs)
Electronic expertise and optimization : Patrice Barbel (IETR - Rennes 1 University),
Set-up assistants: Oussama Mubarak, Simon Poulain
With the participation and support of Anne Bationo, Moustafa Zouinar and François Coldefy (Orange Labs), Martine Bour (CiTu), Raphaële Jeune (Art to be), Mari Linnman, Maël Teillant and the Elek and Ouestronic companies.

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