Israel is met directly by the Prophet of God, Jeremiah in this week's study. Jeremiah is charged with the duty and calling to speak directly to Israel over her sins. In this we find a poignant message that is filled with love and yet has judgment in it for Israel. It is this people whom the Lord says to them "I remember thee, the kindness of thy youth, and the love of thine espousals, when thou wentest after me in the wilderness. This is a very close and personal reminder to Israel that there was a time when she was indeed Israel, "a prince and one who has power with God, who would be as God to the other nations" for it would be this God who would fight for them. But now this relationship is broken.

Jer 2:1-3 Israel "I remember thee" in the wilderness!
1 Moreover the word of the LORD came to me, saying,
2 Go and cry in the ears of Jerusalem, saying, Thus saith the LORD; I remember thee, the kindness of thy youth, the love of thine espousals, when thou wentest after me in the wilderness, in a land that was not sown.
3 Israel was holiness unto the LORD, and the firstfruits of his increase: all that devour him shall offend; evil shall come upon them, saith the LORD.

Israel is facing judgment. Jeremiah has been sent to warn them. Israel was a nation that once knew blessing, love, and was in direct touch with the God of all Gods. He was their God, they were his people. We trace the message of Jeremiah in this study and find many similarities between Israel, America, Judah, and many Christians today. We find that Jeremiah tells Israel they had committed two evils. These evils were "forsaken me the fountain of living waters." This phrase is one in which our Lord said of himself and related that the believer in him would never thirst again if they took the waters he offered. In addition we also find that the phrase "they have hewed them out cisterns that can hold no water" is likened to the old wine skins and people trying to put in it new wine. The old wine skins will burst. In this we find Israel seeking other gods who are not gods but empty cisterns that hold no water. There is no life in them, no redemption in them, so Israel had traded the "fountain of living waters" for something that did not have waters; in fact these dead gods Israel sought could hold no water at all. There was not one bit of redemptive essence in them.

There is much to learn in this segment in which Israel, My people have changed their glory. They changed it, by leaving the Lord God. They left and forsook the "living waters", "redemption", and "blessing" for “bitter waters", "judgment", and "death" if they did not repent. Listen and learn how this example we are studying relates well to today's society and much of Christianize western world who has given themselves over to things that do not profit.

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