Mark Wells and Adam Jenkins at

Google asked us to create visuals for their 2012 I/O After Hours party. This is a short clip from the 90 minute show. The output was an 80 x 20 foot rear projected HD screen. Since the Google I/O event is all about awe-inspiring technology and hands-on experiences, we challenged ourselves to create something beyond the realm of traditional animation. The solution we arrived at was a real-time interactive experience controlled via two Android Tablets. The Droid and his speaker station were operated by a user on one tablet while the background was controlled with a person on the second tablet. The control data was transmitted through a wireless network to our Tiki Micro Tower running the show in real-time. This approach gave us the freedom to roam the event floor while controlling the show and allowed us the opportunity to give party goers a chance to operate the visuals.

Computer Hardware provided by Falcon Northwest.

“Das Spiegel”
The Chemical Brothers
We Are the Night
©2007 Virgin Records Ltd.

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