Was in Mays Landing, NJ with my AF100 for a pre-4th of July celebration when the derecho hit. The area was so devastated that it took a determined crew of neighbors and family with chainsaws to cut our way out. Despite no power and 100 degree heat we decided to have a good time anyway and celebrate that no one was hurt during the storm.

Panasonic AF100, SLR Magic 12mm F1.6, Voigtlander 25mm F0.95 and Nikon 50mm AIS F1.4. I really like the way the AF handled the blown highlights in these scenes. There is some obvious color grading on the first half but the lake scenes are all stock from the camera (presented as exposed).

DTL -4
Coring -2
Chroma -3
All others: 0
Gamma: HD Norm
Knee: Low
Matrix: Norm 2

Recommend downloading for best results - the Vimeo file is choppy on my mac unless played back at full screen. There is also a lot of contrast baked in that was not in the original...so it goes. Enjoy!

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