The journey of every Christian needs to move from a “saving faith” to a “living faith” in order to
live the abundant life we were called to live. As we draw near, looking to Jesus, and receiving
the Kingdom of God, we obtain citizenship in heaven, and the benefits of the Kingdom.
The faith filled life is an ongoing process of seeking to uncover the evidence that God is Who
He says He is. The goal of our faith seeking should always be the Presence of Jesus in our lives,
and not more of what we want. Our ultimate reward is not the “thing” we want but the One we need.
The journey of faith will always move us beyond what is present and tangible to inherit what is future
and promised.

Faith in faith is unstable; faith has to have a fountainhead and ours is Jesus. Faith begins with,
is sustained by, and ends with Jesus. Looking away from everything else, we need to fix our eyes
on Him, and as we do, we will pursue and become more like Him. Jesus is also the Founder,
Perfecter and Forerunner of our faith. As such, He is our commander in chief and the One Who
makes the successful completion of His purposes possible. When we look to Jesus we have it all;
we are looking to the One calling the shots Who also has all the resources we need to get us through.
In addition, Jesus went before us, as the Forerunner, to verify the power and authenticity of
His message. With the same power available to us, we can have hope and confidence, and even
in the most disappointing and disheartening times we can experience joy. This is the ultimate
reward for a life of faith, the presence of Jesus.

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