Kramer & Cope + Harvester Gallery together is a POP-UP concept space located in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Kramer & Cope is a collaboration between designer/builder Nick Cope and organic farmer Everett Kramer. The two have come together to showcase a private collection of antiques and vintage pieces which will be available for purchase. Stickley furniture coupled with Tibetan and Chinese antiques creates a dynamic environment and eclectic blend of merchandise. Harvester Gallery is the curatorial debut of artist Rachel Mosler. The premier show, titled Alchemy, consists of paintings, photography and drawings inspired by memory, dream and psychological inquiry. According to the psychologist Carl Jung, “Alchemy, as a nature philosophy of great consideration in the Middle Ages, throws a bridge to the past, the gnosis, and also to the future, the modern psychology of the unconscious” The exhibit will feature work by 18 artists, some standouts are James Reeder, Symbols + Rituals, Louis Reith, Jeremy Miranda, Amber Ibarreche, Keren Richter and Troy Moth.

The space is located at 542 Warren Street in Hudson, NY and will be open on weekends starting July 7th. Doors will be open at noon and a celebration will be held from 6-9pm. Refreshments will be served.

For information regarding Kramer & Cope please contact

For information regarding Harvester Gallery please contact

Video by Jimmy Pham

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