This video was made for nostalgia's sake. It's being added to the winery of memories that I'll appreciate as time goes by. Living, teaching, and traveling in South Korea can't be summed up into 5 minutes and 30 seconds, but here's a glimpse into my 'EXPAT'ery. And who's to say that I won't be back? *Spoiler alert* (check the title) Enjoy!

Sights include:
- Anyang Chungang Market (안양충앙시장)
- Manghaeam Temple (망해암사)
- Shinan Middle School (신안 중학교)
- Seoraksan (설악산)
- Anyang Skate Park (안양 스게이트 파그)
- Ichon Skate Park (이천 스게이트 파그)
- Han River (한강)
-Cheonggeycheon (청게천)

Sounds include:
Active Child- Diamond Heart

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