An urban assault weapon of mass destruction, the DISASTER destroys street spots like crack did in the 80s. A true twin in both contact and outline shape, as you would expect from a jib board. Introduced to the range last year, the DISASTER quickly established itself as a favourite with the team and Bataleon fans world wide due to its outstanding performance for jibbing.

JIB TBT begins under the bindings, meaning that not all harsh zeaches lead to scorpions (not that you ever do them, right?!). JIB TBT also features the widest flat centre base section and the most relaxed TBT angles. Together with the soft flex pattern, this makes for the most stable and legit presses known to man. TBT is forgiving so whether its a pretzel that doesn't go to plan or you are learning board slides, you will get away with it more often when things go wrong on a DISASTER, and there is nothing wrong with that!

Featuring a TOUGH CORE, HAMMER EDGES and an extruded base, the DISASTER can take a beating. Just as well when it is up against metal and concrete. It has the WIDE INSERT PATTERN and can accomodate all stance widths: from 'gangster wide' to 'new school narrow'. If all that was not enough, we also priced it affordably so that on urban missions you can concentrate on what matters: self preservation!

Video by Circus Family

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