Simmer’s most versatile wave sail, with full draft and moderate boom length, the Icon provides you with plenty of power to move and gives effortless handling, even in the most powered up conditions. For 2013 the Icon has been redesigned with a wider sleeve for a more reactive feel and a lower positioned clew for better manoevrability and more forgiving handling.

The five batten compact outline gives you a super stable sail profile and the moderate boom length delivers smooth power transition. The Icon is well know for its balanced feeling with the pull just slightly forward from the center that gives you boost to accelerate towards the lip or that extra height in jumps.

-Video credits-
Riders: Kai Katchadourian, Ben Proffitt, Klaas Voget, Francisco Porcella, Rudy Castorina
Videography: Peter Anjou, Calle Nyberg
Edit: Kurosh Kiani
Music: J. Sigsworth / Quantum

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