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Worship #93 looks at the question of what makes a person valuable in this uplifting message by DisciplesNet senior pastor Deb Phelps. At the center of things is the touching story of Aunt Nellie's dish carrier. Today's scripture comes from Ephesians 1:3-14, looking at the calling to be included among God's plan and God's dear children.
Going along with today's message is inspiring music. Dean Phelps shares two hymn favorites from his CDs, "I Need no Mansion Here" and "Marching to Zion." (read more about his music at deanphelpsmusic.com). Once again Twana Harris joins us, sharing an acapella singing of "Steal Away."

Our worship includes a time of communion (breaking of the bread)--for which we extend the invitation given by Jesus Christ to all who would come. If you would like to share with us in this time at the table that passes all boundaries of place, time, and walls, then we ask that you prepare a wafer, cracker, or bread and a drink, and we ask that our blessing will extend to where you are. If you are unable to eat or drink, use a symbolic gesture or mental symbols of joining with us.

We hope you will join us for this short time of worship (35 minutes), and will be blessed by participating. Please tell friends, family, and others you know about our online church that is here with doors that never close, walls as wide as the world, and always room at the table.

If you would like to chat with one of our pastors, please email us at pastor@disciplesnet.org.

Invitation to Giving:
DisciplesNet is growing and has much in the works! If you would like to be part of this ministry through helping to equip the church financially for its work, you have several ways. This includes going to our website disciplesnet.org and going through Pay Pal or credit cards, by writing to our physical PO Box at:
DisciplesNet Church
PO Box 17935
Indianapolis, IN 46217

or emailing us at giving@disciplesnet.org

God bless you, and thank you for joining us!

Order of Worship:
1. Song: "I Need No Mansion Here"
2. Scripture: Psalm 105:1-6 (NRSV), read by Rahul Nirmal in India
3. Pastor's Prayer, Lord's Prayer: Rev. Anjeanette Perkins
5. Song: "Steal Away to Jesus," Chalice Hymnal # 644, sung by Rev. Dr. Twana A. Harris
6. Message: "What's Right with you?" Rev. Deb Phelps
7. Song: "Marching to Zion," CH# 707
8. Invitation to Giving
9. Communion/Breaking Bread: Rev. Russ Smith, with prayer by Susan McNeely
9. "Jesus, Remember Me," CH #569, DisciplesNet singers
10. Benediction, Rev Deb Phelps

Participating in Today’s Worship:

Message: Deb Phelps
Pastor’s Prayer: Anj Perkins
Communion: Russ Smith
Communion Prayer: Susan McNeely
Scripture: Psalm 105:1-6, Rahul Nirmal,
Ephesians 1:3-14 (NRSV) Janet Spaulding

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