Year: 2002
Length: 40'
Genre: Documentary
Language: Spanish (english subtitles)
Format: DV - 16mm

Synopsis: A documentary about San Vicente de Chupaderos, a set built outside Durango, Mexico, where many a Hollywood action film fabricated the Myth of the lawless West. Starring John Wayne and the recollections of Durango vaqueros who remember the silver screen days of the open-air set, now a ghost town of facades. The dignity and resilience of these real life characters is contrasted with screen sterotypes of “The Mexican” and set against the barren landscape of the now defunct set.

With Anastasio Hernández, Román Flores, Alberto Tejada
Written by Bulmaro Osornio, Matias Meyer & León Felipe Gonzalez
Directed by Bulmaro Osornio
Photographed and produced by Matias Meyer
Edited by Bulmaro Osornio, Matias Meyer & León Felipe Gonzalez
Music by Alejandro De Icaza

Prizes: Honorific mention in the José Rovirosa prize.

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