0.00" (paintings) “A Bigger Picture” is the first major exhibition held in Spain to celebrate the crucial role landscape plays in the career of David Hockney, considered the most important living British painter.
0.15" David Hockney: "It is not just about landscape, or about looking at landscape. It's about looking at the world. Anywhere you look actually is interesting, marvellous, beautiful, and if you can communicate that in pictures... Remember: pictures are 30.000 years old, aren't they? We go back a long way with the first people making depictions of something. It's a long long time... So when people told me: "you don't need to draw anymore", I say "What, after 30.000 years there is no need to draw anymore just because you have a camera?" I didn't believe it all. So that's really what the exhibition is about as well.
1.04" (paintings) Bright landscapes inspired by his native county of Yorkshire form the core of this exhibition which brings together around 150 works—oil paintings, charcoals, iPad drawings, sketchbooks and digital videos—most of which have been created in the past eight years.
1.23" Edith Devaney, Curator of the Exhibition: "The exhibition is very big. It features Hockney's works mainly from Yorkshire, and it is mainly recent as well. It's a quite unusual exhibition. We offered David Hockney the opportunity to work with us, to create much of the work for this exhibition, so the majority of the work you will see here is new work, that has not been seen before. And at it's heart, it is his return to Yorkshire, which is the county of his birth, and of course there is an emotional elemment in that, rediscovering this land that he left many decades ago.
1.59" (paintings): This exhibition offers a unique vision into Hockney's creative world and demonstrates his enormous capacity to represent nature using different techniques, as well as revealing his attachment to the landscape of his youth. Organized by the Royal Academy of Arts in collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Museum Ludwig, Cologne, and with Iberdrola’s sponsorship, “A Bigger Picture” can be visited at the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum until September 30th.
2.30" David Hockney: "We should look at the natural world, we should connect with it more. If you really want to make any new thing, you have to go back to nature. Nature is infinite. We cannot get tired of it. It's not true we have got tired of it, it's not possible. We have only got tired of the pictures of it, that's all. So go for a bigger picture, that's what I say.
2.56" ends. fade to black.

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