Canon 1DX & Canon 5D3
Very, very quick test curtsey of Guy Thatcher,

My thoughts. It appears that the 1Dx has a very different strength OLPF or type, you almost get a pixel shift that makes it look like refraction of an image. I suspect it will show signs of aliasing (minimal) and if you look at the clock on the left of the frame you can see this. Should have done an off tripod shot of these bricks.

But it certainly appear much sharper at 100%. Yes you can bring the 5D3 up in sharpness but you could also add to the 1Dx but with caution.

I think this is the image that the 5D3 should have originally yielded.
The colour rendition is also very lovely and instantly more pleasing to the eye.

Watch out for more tests from Guy @hireacamera

Canon 24-105 lens @ 5.6
iframe on both cameras.

0 sharpness

5D3 in slightly under exposed. 1Dx slightly over, sorry :) No additional sharpness is added.

Download (whilst it lasts) - These are video frame grabs opened directly in Photoshop and saved as Jpegs on maximum quality. Link:


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