The masterful poet and highly controversial WWII intellectual Ezra Pound gave his weekly anti-war addresses from Italy from 1941 to 1943, saying all he could over allied airwaves to keep America out of WWII. In 1945, following the war's end, allied generals had him jailed in Pisa, extradited back to America on trumped-up "treason" charges, then locked him up in Washington DC's St. Elizabeth's Hospital for 13 YEARS prior to even giving him a trial. When the psychiatrists finally ran out of specious diagnoses to hold him there, he was released back to Italy, all charges dropped.

Keep in mind, Ezra Pound was the language professor and book editor who personally mentored FOUR Nobel Prize laureates for Literature - WB Yeats, Thomas Sterns Elliot, James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway; he was unprecedented as an intellectual and literary visionary of his American era. This is why his arrest for "treason" was so conspicuous (never mind the wholesale absence of evidence).

Perhaps a lot of people will insist there was no real point in protesting WWII; it has since been repackaged as "the good war" (unlike Vietnam and more recent conflicts--the never-ending quagmire of Afghanistan). Well, truth is there is no such thing as a "good" war; as the saying goes, the most any farmer can expect to get from soldiering in combat is his farm back and the ability to still farm it, to still walk upright.

Yet aside from that, WWII led directly to the creation of the "military-industrial complex", the for-profit "corporatizing" of war which President Eisenhower warned us about in his outgoing 1961 address. Prior to WWII, there was no such thing as a "defense industry"; rather, businesses which actually made products that didn't kill people had to suddenly convert their operations to fashion tanks, mortars, missiles, etc. Yet WWII inflated their operations to such an extent they could now sell their products overseas--even foment wars when business slowed down. And if they could foment wars overseas? Then they could certainly draft America into those conflicts.

General Dynamics has its stock option price on the opening page of its website, and has ever since it had a website. I always thought that was the most tasteless thing--showing how "profitable" the mechanisms of killing human beings can be, yet they do it unabashedly. Still, think about that before you go glorifying WWII or any other armed conflict in which millions lost their lives--think good & long about the "qui bono" question. The answer you get back may surprise you.

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