A selection of nightscape scenes I put together for entry into the 2012 David Malin Awards. The awards are for images of the night sky and landscape captured by Australian astrophotographers.

I am very happy and honoured that the video won 1st prize in the ‘animation’ category at the 2012 awards.

A number of interesting sky and space phenomena are included in the clip:

1. Comet Lovejoy.
2. Exploding Meteor and Train.
3. A Total Lunar eclipse from start to finish.
4. Multi coloured air glow in the upper atmosphere and ionosphere.
5. Lightning storms.

The images were shot over the last 2 years. I’d like to thanks the following people/groups for helping bring some of these scenes to life:

1. Thomas Bethell – Little Bramper (1st and last scene)
2. Dynamic Perception – Dolly and MX2 controller
3. David Gargadennec - 5 camera rig and camera assistant (Bungle Bungles scene 1:19).
4. Stephen Van Vuuren for supporting the multi-day/night timelapse effort (behind the scenes rig shot 0:34)

This is a preview of a larger project I’m working on documenting night scenes from the southern hemisphere – principally in Western Australia and Chile. Why there? Well I live in the former and work on and off in the latter, so that is where I spend most of my free time.

Also included at 1:19 is a panoramic timelapse using 5 cameras configured to capture a 360 x 195 degree view of the sky. The technique is still experimental, with some work still to do to eliminate processing artifacts. Aside from those issues, the output is a beautifully sharp 8k print.

Hope you enjoy.

ps. If you'd like to know more about my projects you can follow me here:


Music Credit: Nocturnal (Redux) by Unkle

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