Still core since ’74. From Land to Sea, our vision is to create hype and provide all things needed to our friends and family for riding the elements. Our Surf team is a handpicked crew of talented athletes who share our stoke for the surfing lifestyle.

Team Riders Darrell Goodrum, Brent Reilly, Durran Barr, Chris Abad, Chris Murnane, Justin Quirk, Cheyne Magnusson, John Daniels, Aaron Coyle

Filmers Bob Hoste, Damea Dorsey, Owen Curry, Scott Smith, James Tull, Josh Bernard, Greg Browning, Jenny Daniels

Edit James Tull, Bob Hoste, Jack Chellemi

Vote for Surf Ride Neff East Vs West Surf Shop Showdown via Transworld SURF over here >

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