This was shot on July 15th, 2012 in the Central Oregon Cascade Mountains. Please feel free to share!

Last weekend I headed up to the Cascade Lakes for a day of shooting, swimming and enjoying what Central Oregon has to offer. A few days before I had heard that the Aurora Borealis would make a rare appearance in OR and my hopes were set high to try to shoot it for the first time later in the night. As the day progressed the clouds grew and skies became grey over much of the area. My hopes dwindled but I figured I would stick it out to try for a sunset shot from one of my once or twice a year photography stops in the area. As I ate dinner I watched the cloud bank start to disperse. The sunset was going to be foiled by the looks of things but I grew hopeful once again for the Aurora shot.

I joined the crowd at the popular trail along the lake shore in hopes for some sort of a sunset. We watched what few clouds were left slowly disappear without a shot. I wasn't that let down. The others all left shortly after the sun dropped beyond the horizon and I pulled up a seat on the bench to wait for nightfall and my real subject. The Aurora started out slow but grew to storm levels about 6 hours later, when I was able to create this timelapse.

I feel pretty fortunate I was able to have the opportunity to shoot this as myself and the one other photographer who kept me company throughout the night have never seen an Aurora shot from this location. Near the end you can see the light of climbers heading up South Sister.

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