Robert Seidel & Richard Eigner
AV Live Performance (Excerpt) & VIS Signation
World Premiere at Vienna Independent Shorts _ Gartenbaukino
9th June 2012 _Vienna _ Austria

The audio-visual performance “erratic” reconstructs a topographic memory of Vienna. In exfoliations of the molecular mechanics inside our brains, decoupled and abstracted parts of the city’s architecture and ornamental repletion appear, forming distant and loosely morbid tableaux. The seemingly familiar, postcard-like places interfere with a myriad of anticipated differences encountered while traversing a real city. In its crackling and flickering the work makes reference to the gas-lighting that disappeared from Vienna in 1962, replaced by electrical light sources.

Portions of “iconic memory” were developed by Robert Seidel while participating in the Artist in Residence program at MuseumsQuartier/quartier21, at the invitation of Vienna Independent Shorts. In collaboration with musician Richard Eigner, “echoic memory” were added to the live performance. The project premiered on 9th June 2012 at Gartenbaukino as part of the closing night of VIS festival.

The abrupt, but also lush and colourful VIS Signation in the beginning of the video was developed by Seidel and Eigner to introduce every film program of the whole festival.

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