Length: 14.33
email: a.james_marcolin@yahoo.com


What if the line between life and death was more thin than we think? Are we really sure about what our eyes can see... Do we really have power to control our life against death?

Sarah is an American girl that lives in the outskirt of NYC. Barely in her twenties and frustrated with her failed attempts in the musical business, she struggles to make ends meet. Left with the responsibility of caring for her family she blames her responsibilities for her failure as a musician. As luck would have it she is one day cast for a two year contract in a famous Broadway musical. On her way home to share her amazing news something out of the ordinary happens. She wakes up on the grass, and doesn't know what happened. She had a car accident but she doesn't remember how. She is not injured at all and is shocked and surprised about that. Not being too far from home, she decides to walk home. As soon she gets home, she tells what happens, or at least what she remembers about the accident. Her mother is so relieved that nothing happened and she is happy that finally her daughter made her dreams come true. But is it everything really OK? Suddenly somebody knocks on the door and it's the police.

-winner in Best Short Film category at BOSTON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2012
-winner in Best Short Film category at MEXICO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2012
-winner of Silver Lei Award at HONOLULU FILM FESTIVAL 2012
-winner of Honorable Mention at SUNSET L.A. INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2012
-winner of Honorable Mention at NEW YORK METROPOLITAN FILM FESTIVAL 2011
-still nominated in official selection at SALENTO INT. FILM FESTIVAL 2012 (Italy September 2012)
-nominated in official selection at NEW HOPE FILM FESTIVAL 2012 (Pennsylvania)
-nominated in official selection at MANHATTAN FILM FESTIVAL 2012
-selected at NEWFILMMAKERS Spring Festival Screening (Nyc)

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