Agendas & reports:

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1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Approval of Minutes
4. Approval of Agenda
5. Reports
5a. EDA Vendor Claims
6. Old Business -- None
7. New Business
Jump to:1:55
7a. Internal Loan for Westwood Villa Association Housing Improvement Area (HIA)
8. Communications
9. Adjournment

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1. Call to Order
2. Presentations
Jump to: 7:18
2a. Recognition of Brenda Nelson’s Years of Service
Jump to: 10:00
2b. Meadowbrook Collaborative Awareness Month Proclamation – August 2012
Jump to: 15:20
2c. Outstanding Citizen Award Recognition
Jump to: 29:15
3. Approval of Minutes
4. Approval of Agenda and Items on Consent Calendar
5. Boards and Commissions -- None
6. Public Hearings
Jump to: 32:30
6a. Off-Sale Liquor License – Liquor Boy, Inc.
7. Requests, Petitions, and Communications from the Public -- None
8. Resolutions, Ordinances, Motions and Discussion Items
Jump to:33:50
8a. Commence Eminent Domain Action for Public Purposes - Highway 7 / Louisiana Avenue Interchange Project
Jump to: 45:14
8b. Project Report: Roadway/Trail Improvement – Beltline Blvd at Regional Trail Crossing
Jump to: 1:32:40
8c. Preliminary and Final Plat – Eldridge Fifth Addition
Jump to: 1:42:04
9. Communication

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