My guitar teaching program, offers live one on one webcam lessons for students from beginners to performers. These videos performed and created by me are examples of pieces I teach.
I have over 30 years of full time private guitar teaching experience (about twenty years in San Jose, California, two years in Colorado Springs, Colorado and ten years in and around Sedona, Arizona). My method of teaching is the result of a process that has been refined over many years of practical and professional experience.
With experiencing music being the goal, along with learning fundamental theory, you are also provided a guided step by step approach to learning how to play full song arrangements presented in a graded and structural approach. Specific pieces are broken down and presented in order of technical situations and difficulty. This allows the student to develop technical skills and at the same time learn authentic pieces composed by the masters. Also, with these being private lessons, each program is designed to fit the unique needs of each individual student.
I believe that anyone who enjoys music and has the desire to express them self through that medium should be given the opportunity to do so. My lesson programs, if applied, will help provide the student with the means through which they can realize his or her own desired potential as a guitar player.
In addition to the live webcam lessons I also provide each student with charts in PDF format and audio and video recorded breakdowns in the form of mp3's and video files at no additional cost. I send these as attachments forwarded to you via email. These provide useful additional aids to help in the comprehension and mastering of the material.

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