Closet Conversations ™
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EPISODE #1: Sally Schwartz

Sally Schwartz, founder of the Randolph Street Market, is known as a collector. Quality is the common thread amongst her inherited items as well as her purchases from the market and her travels abroad. Her collection of vintage and antique goods further proves her affinity for all things well-made. With feathers, ruffles and satin at the top of her "must have" list, Sally's wardrobe is nothing short of fascinating.

Nikia Jefferson of ChiTown Fashionista created Closet Conversations to provide an in-depth look inside the impressive wardrobes of the most intriguing style stars. This monthly video series uses informal conversation, set in the subject's personal space, to create an intimate closet "show and tell" of their prized possessions. Closet Conversations not only features the material things in one's closet, but also brings the items to life by sharing with viewers the distinguishing personality, captivating stories and unique style inspiration of each individual.

DISCLAIMER:You may not copy, distribute, change, or transmit any text, images, audio, or video for public or commercial purposes without the express permission of ChiTown Fashionista.

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