These Lights are made with King Bright LEDs (Taiwan) and Optek LEDs (US company), high power, 0.3 to 0.5 watts , blue, green, red, and hyper orange LEDs. All lights had Xbee SB2 radios embedded so they could liste to live commands sent via openFrameworks app, also, the OF app is hooked up to a midi keyboard interface.

Our next step is to continue working on a control interface via the project webpage, which will come live by August.
The Connecting Light graphics and interaction design team is being assembled. We are all excited.

Zach and I are continue to build a handheld device with Xbee and Arduino to perform XBee range test along the Hadrian's WAll.

At the meantime, I'm assembling volunteers from ITP, NYU and Parsons student to set up a Demo in New York with 8 - 12 Balloons on the streets. And a PCB company that we're working with, GSY, are starting to populate out these LED boards.

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