Pulse turns complex information obtained online into an ever evolving tangible graph.

For more information please visit: cargocollective.com/Pulse

Developed and built during an exchange semester to the Rhode Island School of Design by Jon McTaggart of KISD/Köln International School of Design and Christian Ferrara of ECAL/Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne, Pulse uses the Gadgeteer prototyping platform to harvest the web for information feeds and display them in the form of a tangible string graph.

A wifi capable microprocessor obtains information from websites offering an API (such as Google weather) and processes the information so it is displayed by a series of servo motors. A cord is looped between the servo motor arms and forms a physical graph.
By tilting Pulse 90 degrees to the left or right users are able to switch between 3 different information feeds of their choice, all of which are easily programmed by pairing the device with its online platform.

Pulse won a student notable award in the Core 77 2012 Design Awards.

Designed and built by Christian Ferrara and Jon McTaggart.
Sound track by Decoder Ring.

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