Participated in NYC Guggenheim Museum Biennial of Video Creative 2010
About the film:
Klaus Guingand made discover Art work to 40 people.
Each person had the closed eyes and Muriel Guingand filmed the first seconds the reaction by discovering Art work..
40 people have participated:
Thierry Fremont, Shirley Bousquet, Jean-Claude Dreyfus
Jimmy Jean-Louis, Sapho,Marco Prince
Karim Belkhadra, Patrice Valota, Morjana El Alaoui
Alexandra Naoum,Patrick Levy, Crystel Amsalem
Cédric Couvez, Alix Raynaud ,Daniele Tedeschi
Kristina Dariosecq, Jean-Pierre Tagliaferri, Khady Thiam
Jean-Pierre Biron, Aîssa Benali,Jean-Luc Uzan
Sheri Rose, Laura Boujenah, Lenny Uzan
Françoise de Camas,Thomas Renou, Fabrice Constantini
Laya Cosnuau, Atmen Kelif, Antony Delbart
William Ebomi, Aurore Gazanionn, Soraya Hachoumi
Michel Jouvin,Sylvain Lestavel, Harry Marciano
Ludovic Mollé,Olivier Guyot,Goujouni!in-god-we-trust/c1218

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