Rebecca Corliss's Boston University Terriers are so superior to my Miami University Redhawks that I felt inspired not only to immortalize the greatest college hockey game in a funkadelicious rap video, but to proclaim to the world my new love for the BU Terriers.

tweet queen of kung fu followed by a lotta you
hubspottin's her thing
gotta lotta a hot bling

yo... I was lookin to wage(r)
that my university would win the national stage
so... i tweeted looking for a fight
As my tweetin buddy Borat says: I'm EXCITE! (I'm so excite)

Nobody defeats the beasts of hockey east, well not the Redhawks at least

Redhawks were up 3-1 with a minute to go
and That's when the Terriers took over show.
Yo, I may have got a little cocky
and thats why I gotta rap about the champs of college hockey

spoken: Rebecca Corliss is a sage. Follow repcor on twitter

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