Ok, so last November I was about to go to bed after my nightly skype with my girlfriend, (cute right?) and I'm checking twitter and Rob Delaney had 10 tweets in a row all to the tune of "If you care about OWS go down NOW! NYPD is raiding" All I thought was: "COOL." So it being 1AM, I decide that showing up to my 11AM editing class tired is OK.

So I grab this T2i that I was borrowing and run to the N and take the subway with these two other kids who heard about it too.

I get down there and start following around this freelance photojournalist for a few hours, trying to get past the barricades. At several points we were being followed by police because we were breaking away from the group and they wanted to know what we were up to. We never got to Zucotti Park, we got close, 'too close' according to some officers. I let the photographer do most of the talking.

Watch this.

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