Here is a video showing the new oval pulley on my mad stab setup.

This past year I have been using a pulley system for my full flying stab. This "Mad" stab can rotate over 180°... allowing the glider to do flips and other wild acrobatic maneuvers. The round pulleys work just fine. They give a nice linear feel. I do have to use tons of EXPO at high rates to make the glider flyable.

The idea with the oval pulley is to create some mechanical EXPO to go along with the computer EXPO. With this oval pulley, used on the servo, I should be able to get a bit more resolution at the stick center (where I need it)... since it uses smaller diameter of the oval.

Specs: (1" by 2" oval pulley on the servo, .75" round pulley on the stab) Pulleys were hand cut (scissors and sand paper). Oval printed out on paper and glued to 1/8" balsa sheet. Flanges were 1/8" wider than the core and cut from 1/32" ply. A round servo "horn" was inlayed into the pulley and glued with PU glue. Since I had "excess" throw, I will try a more narrow oval... maybe 7/8" by 2".

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