Johnny Ranger McCoy

Malibu, California

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The world's most beautiful women shot by Johnny Ranger McCoy of 45SURF Hero's Odyssey Mythology Photography! 45surf Johnny Ranger McCoy Surf Photographic Stills & Video! Johnny has been pioneering the shooting of stills & video @ the same time (45surfing as we like to call it) in sunny Southern California for some time now! He's been shooting simultaneous stills & video of surfers, landscapes, and the beautiful, archetypal Hero's Journey Mythology bikini swimsuit models of the 45surf surfline--the 45surf goddesses--with the 45surfer bracket philosophy which connects two cameras--read all about it here, including an article published in Resource Magazine: Johnny currently shoots stills & video mostly with the Sony A7R and Nikon D800E, and his art has received over 250,000,000 views. All the best on your Epic Hero's Odyssey! Johnny Ranger McCoy :)

May the 45SURF Hero's Odyssey Mythology Photography Goddesses, Landscapes, Surfers, and Seascapes entertain and inspire ye along an epic hero's journey of your own making!

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