Winter Nights is about a strong-willed Megan Snow, who kidnaps a decorated WWII veteran, Colton Winters. Through a series of flash-backs the film begins to reveal one woman’s powerful secret behind the kidnapping, what drives Megan to such act, and what propels the reclusive Colton to go along on the journey with the young and seemingly innocent Megan. Is it her charm? Is it her will? Is it the Luger? Or is it destiny?

Whatever the reasons may be that brought Megan and Colton together, though generations apart, is the best and the worst that could have happened to their very lives.

Their brief road adventure fills with quirkiness, misunderstanding through a generation gap, and unforeseen danger that awaits them. Through it all they each discover the true meaning of second chances, forgiveness, and that pride has its place and time, but when we let pride get in the way of love, our lives fill with emptiness…like sleeping on a block of ice.

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