Official Selection Twin Rivers Media Festival 2009
Official Selection ARC Shorts 2009
Official Selection Secret City Film Festival 2009
Official Selection TAKES Short Film Festival (London) 2009
Official Selection Carrboro Film Festival 2009
Official Selection Choice Cuts 2011
Official Selection TAKES Short Film Festival (New Zealand) 2011

Monday 4th April 1992

Bosnia declares independence. The United Nations accept Bosnia as a new nation. As Bosnia celebrate, Serbian forces begin invading towns and villages across the border, leaving trails of destruction.

Wednesday 6th April 1992

Two United Nations aid workers, Marie O'Mally, a veteran of the system, and David Thorpe, a newcomer to the UN, travel across Bosnia hoping to help spread peace in the conflict. That is until they stumble upon a Serbian checkpoint, where chaos ensues with guns being fired. The Serbian rebels are led by Commander Ratko and the terrifying General Zoran, hellbent on making Bosnia part of their Serbian nation.

Directed by Jesse Rowe
Written by Jesse Rowe and Jordan Barrett

Starring Michael Dylan, Siobhan Daly, Hannes Flaschberger and Robert Vernon

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