Cumberland Town Hall
290 Tuttle Road, Cumberland, Maine 04021
Tuesday, July 17, 2012
700 p.m.
A. Call to Order
B. Roll Call
D. Approval of Minutes of June 19, 2012 meeting
E. Staff Site Plan Approvals:
F. Hearings and Presentations:
1. Public Hearing: To recommend to the Town Council draft amendments to Section 3K of the
subdivision Ordinance: K. Net Residential Acreage: Net residential acreage shall be determined by
subtracting from gross acreage available the following:
.1 15% for Area for roads and parking as shown on the plan.
2. Public Hearing: Major Site Plan Review for One Steel Recycling, Inc., to operate a Junkyard (Scrap Metal
Intake Yard) at 77 Blackstrap Road, Tax Assessor Map R07, Lot 53 in the Industrial (I) district; Leon Door, One
Steel Recycling, Applicant; St. Germain - Collins Environmental Consulting Group, Representative; B.R.
Property, LLC, Owner.
3. Public Hearing: Minor Subdivision Amendment: West Cumberland Business Park, a 4-lot commercial
subdivision at 77 Blackstrap Road, Tax Assessor Map R07, Lot 53 in the Industrial (I) zone; to adjust lot lines,
B.R. Property, LLC, Owner; Thomas Greer, P.E., of Pinkham and Greer Consulting Engineers, Representative.
4. Public Hearing: Minor Site Plan Review for Coastal Landscaping at 77 Blackstrap Road, Road, West
Cumberland Business Park, Tax Assessor Map R07, Lot 53, in the Industrial (I) district; Coastal Landscaping,
Applicant, B.R. Property, Owner, Thomas Greer, P. E., Pinkham & Greer Consulting Engineers, Representative.
G. Administrative Matters:
H. Adjournment:

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