web series teaser, 2012
Edit, color & graphics by Adam Bonsib

Tagline: Everything just how you imagined it to be.

Series Synopsis:

Shilah Peterson just accomplished the most momental, life-altering adventure of her young life: college. It was joyous! It was revelatory! It was... terrifyingly quick.

"Congratulations! Now what can everyone expect to see from you?"

Shilah must now embark on the second biggest adventure of her young life: growing up. She has no money and no current job prospects so it looks like it's back to Diane and Neil's house she goes! Oh, you don't know them? They're the nice couple who conceived and raised her. She's not happy about it, but it'l be just until she finds a job or, at the very worst, an internship.

"Don't expect too much from me. This is all temporary."

Trey Greene is settled. He came back to help his mother after his parents' messy divorce. Dad may not be around but he's still useful. He sends money in the mail every other week to help pay off Trey's credit card debt, and always conveniently leaves in a note asking when Trey is planning to go back to school full time. Little does he know that Trey has been properly seduced by the slow life: living in his childhood basement, waiting everyday to get down with his high school friends who never seem to change. Real friends you can believe in.

"It'll be alright. Take your time."

The prospects for a deep, life-long friendship between these two don't look too promising at first glance, however, first impressions made a second time around aren't always what they seem. An edict these two should get used to saying. They'll need to learn to lean on each other in order to survive in the trenches or face being eaten alive by their own expectations.

"How long, do you think, will we actually stay friends?"

Director's Note:
Thanks for taking the time to watch "The 85 Percent" official teaser/promotional video. I am currently in the midst of writing the series and hope to begin fundraising for the first season possibly by year's end. It's a project that I feel very strongly attached to and need to get out into the world. Equal parts caustic and satirical, the series is ultimately about the moment you wake up to find that you've suddenly stopped becoming the person everyone is expecting you to already be. It's a bittersweet moment and one that, to me at least, is also very comedic. It's a difficult transition made harder by the new reality of Skype and the instant need for gratification. Growing up is difficult no matter the era and so it is inherently comedic.

I will be posting new updates as I go along and I hope you keep watching! Thanks for the support. I couldn't have made this teaser without the collaboration of these hearts and minds:

Adam Gillikin
Adam Grannick
Camila Fernandez
Colleen Smith
Daniel Rosenberg
Dee Sambataro
Dick & Linda Bangham
George Tamerlani
Jena Richardson
Jeremy Zunk
Kay Brown
Kelly Hendershot
Lauren Richardson
Matthew Bonsib
Matthew Dyer
Mikey Mullen
Sami Ralli
Scott Andrew
Tony Mendiola
Tyler W. Davis
William Borja

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