"one of the biggest problems we have in modern times, is a loss of a sense of place"

"the development of a sense of belonging, of a sense of place within a bioregion, is one of the most important challenges we have now a days"

Dr. Exequiel Ezcurra is a 30 year veteran of conservation, professor of plant ecology, and director of University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States. He knows landscapes and communities' association with those landscapes as well as anyone. One of the goals of UC MEXUS is cross-border collaboration and exchange.

What binds together people living near the US/Mexico border? The landscape.

What is the future of conservation? Bioregions, i.e. the places bounded by the landscape and people supportive of one another.

Dr. Ezcurra spoke about early people of Baja California living in the mountains during the summer and along the coast during the winter. So the bioregion is not just the coastline, it is the coastline and the mountains because both are needed to support a healthy people. The coast has bountiful food in the winter and the mountains have water and cooler temperatures in the summer. The two areas together with the people make a bioregion. And the health of the people depends on the health of the landscapes. They are connected. To support one, support the other.


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